Khuda Hafiz Film Review: Due to lack of suspense and fluctuations in action scenes, people liked less ‘Khuda Haafiz’ due to these reasons…  I   Disney + Hotstar

Khuda Hafiz Film Review: Due to lack of suspense and fluctuations in action scenes, people liked less ‘Khuda Haafiz’ due to these reasons… I Disney + Hotstar

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Vidyut Jamwal is identified as an action hero. The films like Commando, which depended on the arms of Jamwal, have been very successful. In this movie, Jamwal has been seen burning in the fire of revenge. Although he rarely fits in the expression of love, this risk has been taken in ‘Khuda Hafiz’. However, the director has been bound by the dilemma that the action is to show more than the look of the lover. But the action of Jamwal and location attract.

Image Credit: Khuda Haafiz/Disney +hotstar

The story of Khuda Hafiz is old, but in the early hours, an attempt has been made to find new ones. The specialty of the film is that if you start watching, you will keep watching. But going to the end, the film will leave so many questions, which only the filmmakers will be able to answer. Yes, you will remember the girl who plays the actress in the film. Especially her beauty, her eyes, her laughter, her pain, her yearning.

Cast: Vidyut Jammwal, Shivaleeka Oberoi, Annu Kapoor, Shiv Pandit, Aahana Kumra

Director: Faruk Kabir

Writer: Faruk Kabir

Streaming Platform: Disney+Hotstar

Music: Amar Mohile

Language: Hindi

Running Time: 133 minutes

Release Date: 14th August 2020

Do you know what is the problem with us Indians? When our governments cannot provide us with jobs, we are forced to go abroad for jobs. Nobody goes with happiness, but only for the future of their family, one has to go to another country, another society. Think that in such a situation, if someone has gone to work abroad and is stuck in a very bad situation, then to what extent can you go to save yourself? ‘Khuda Hafiz’ is a similar story.

Story-Line: The story is of Sameer Chaudhary and Nargis of Lucknow. The family of Lucknow is very simple. The software engineer Sameer Chaudhary (Vidyut Jamwal) who has an arranged marriage to Nargis (Shivalika Oberoi). Nargis’s parents have an inter-religion marriage, so Sameer and Nargis are married according to both Hindu and Muslim customs. Then come the 2008 economic slowdown and both Sameer and Nargis’s business comes to a halt. Both think that they will earn money by going to a foreign country (a fictional country Noman) and Nargis gets a job while Sameer does not. As Nargis leaves, it is revealed that she has been caught in the clutches of the wrong people and is being forced into prostitution. After this, Sameer sets out on a mission to bring his wife back home without thinking anything. You have to watch the film to see what happens next and how much.

Image Credit: Khuda Haafiz/Disney +hotstar

Review: The number by which Nargis called last to Sameer, after that the number comes off. Sameer is able to reach the address on the basis of the number where Nargis has been kept for prostitution. Prior to this, he went to  the Indian Embassy. But the officer in charge is out of the station and he cannot get any help. There is a scene in the film in which Usman’s partner tells Sameer that Nargis is trapped in the clutches of the businessman. Jamwal’s helplessness can be seen here, but the feeling of pain, resentment, and anguish in the face and eyes is lacking. The same situation can be seen after locating Nargis. Other parts of the body are giving more responses than the face. Here, the lack of expression of the face and eyes has been tried to fulfill the other part. Sameer comes out with the unconscious Nargis but the goons deflate his aspirations and Nargis remains in their clutches. That is, the mission remains impossible.

Image Credit: Khuda Haafiz/Disney +hotstar

Jamwal’s action in rescuing Nargis is seen, but there is nothing that should be considered memorable. After this, the police arrest Sameer. This is a flashback to the story. Later on, the story moves forward. Indian Embassy has interfered. In the fictional country, the command of the investigation is handed over to two officers. The gang came to know this and burn the body of a girl and let officers identify the body as Nargis. The lack of expression is also reflected here. There is no scream, no cry, no expression of pain on the death of Nargis, whom he loves. It can also be a part of the script and an attempt to cover the actor’s acting. Sameer gets the compensation amount and the return ticket to India but he runs away from the airport. He reaches to the traitor who runs the business and not only Nargis he is successful in saving many other girls. The ending of the film is enjoyable but suspense has been kept in such a way that the audience already knows.

The film leaves a lot of questions. A Hindu boy has an arranged marriage with a Muslim girl. It’s difficult to understand why it has been shown in the movie. Yes, after this, the family does not appear anywhere, the days of happiness have not come, not even in misery. Sameer is wandering in Noman in search of Nargis, but not even once does he talk to the family. The country Noman where every third person speaks Hindi? Although the tone is Arabic. This is a movie in which one-fourth of the dialogues are neither in Hindi nor English, in many places English subtitle doesn’t work.

Image Credit: Khuda Haafiz/Disney +hotstar

The film is based on the real story: Technically, such stories are called ‘high-end concepts’. Also, this story is inspired by the true incident. This happened with a couple from Hyderabad. There too, the youth managed to get his wife back from a Gulf country. That young man like Vidyut Jambal would surely not have been Sholay. Apparently he must have succeeded in protecting her and bringing his wife back with the help of the justice system. Here, Sameer brings his Nargis back while looting the enemies.

The film disappoints in some parts: The film just disappoints at some points, its topic is larger than life, but treatment is average. The trap of youths who ply into the sex trade by spreading the temptation of jobs is spread everywhere abroad. The operators of that business are influential. Access to police and army. One is always in awe of hookah and cigarette smoke. A friend is found on a foreign land who helps the hero. The police first harass, then help. The usual and very common story of Bollywood.

Image Credit: Khuda Haafiz/Disney +hotstar

Lack of suspense in the film: The same sub cliche is used in the film. This makes the storyline very predictable. It is known how the story and events will take a turn. The entire burden is on Usman i.e. Annu Kapoor, who is helping Sameer abroad. It later got divided into Faiz Abu Malik and Tamina Al Hamid. Nargis has also become a cameo in the entire film.

Direction: The film ‘Khuda Hafiz’ director Farooq Kabir was the protagonist of Aziz Mirza, whose father Akhtar Mirza ever wrote films like ‘Naya Daur’, ‘Waqt’ and ‘Salim Langde Pe Mat Ro’. Nana Murad belonged to the era of his Mughal-e-Azam and was known to visit Rampur himself. The previous film ‘Allah Ke Bande’ and this time ‘Khuda Hafiz’. In between the growing activities of the National Film Sevak Sangh in Mumbai, Kumar Mangat was able to persuade Pathak for this film, for which both he and Kumar Mangat are entitled. When Muslim social films like ‘Mughal-e-Azam’, ‘Pakija’, ‘Nikah’, ‘Tawaif’, ‘Sanam Bewafa’ and ‘Veer Zaara’ are now made, Farooq Kabir tried to do something similar.

The film’s set up is fine. The geography of the story is also right. The story never comes close to reality. The viewer just keeps moving fingers waiting for Vidyut Jamwal, that now the action scene will start. Farooq Kabir took the form of the story right but could not get the colors of the printing right. The issue of the supply of girls from India to Arab countries could have become a good story in times of economic recession. If the arch of the husband who came out to save his wife was right, then where could the story reach? But the story did not become as good as Farhook would have explained to Kumar Mangat. Farooq also failed as a writer and as a director.

Action: Shivalik Oberoi has nothing more than beautiful looks in the film. If she wants to do something with closed eyes, the camera catches it. If Ahna Kumra and Shiv Pandit work in Noman and speak Hindi, then why this fake accent? Nawab Shah can definitely get Sanjeevani Booti in the Hindi cinema after this role. When watching a film, if one really wants to praise someone’s acting, it is Annu Kapoor. Annu Kapoor truly speaks all languages ​​including Arabic and has performed well here.

Image Credit: Khuda Haafiz/Disney +hotstar

If Vidyut Jamwal did not change his style of thinking of the story and crying on screen, then people who uninstalled Disney Plus Hotstar by bringing the issue of nepotism to this point would not install it again for outsiders like him. It is another matter that as soon as the IPL starts, all these Twitter warriors will download this app again. Will see matches of Dabaa and make a lot of noise. Not everyone gets an opportunity in the Hindi cinema.

Image Credit: Khuda Haafiz/Disney +hotstar/ Vidyut Jamwal

Ups and downs in the action scene: Sameer reaches Noman easily, the mastermind of trade, Isak Regini. Director Farooq Kabir does not make it a thriller. They have also been in duality. As a Samir, he has got half of the half-hearted common men to do the action, and sometimes he has shown the same as an avatar of the same action as an electric jam ball. Nargis was discovered in half from the perspective of the common man and half in the Rambo style.

Image Credit: Khuda Haafiz/Disney +hotstar/ Vidyut Jamwal

The story revolves around Noman to Baitousef and Sharm el-Sheikh. Ahna Kumra and Shiv Pandit in the role of Commander Tamina Hamid and Faiz Abu Malik have caught the incident but failed to impress. Nawab Shah, who became Villain Isak Regini, brings ruthlessness to the screen. Nargis-made Shivalika Oberoi enters the screen presence, but there is no dialogue on her part after the kidnap. Annu Kapoor is influential in Usman Ali Morad.

The songs of the film are excellent: The songs in the movie are good. Especially,

‘एहसास की जुबान बन गए, आप हमारी जान बन गए’

 Noman and Baitousef have been recast in Uzbekistan, but cinematographers have failed to capture the beauty and barrenness there. It is thought that shot take has been taken in a hurry. Landmark areas of the city are shown as competitive. There is a message in the film that if love is true, then whether it is a recession or some other problem, victory is of love.

Image Credit: Khuda Haafiz/Disney +hotstar/ Vidyut Jamwal


  • Jaan Ban Gaye: Vishal Mishra, Asees Kaur
  • Khuda Haafiz (Title Track): Vishal Dadlani
  • Mera Intezaar Karna: Armaan Malik
  • Aakhri Kadam Tak: Sonu Nigam
  • Jaan Ban Gaye (Reprise): Asees Kaur
  • Khuda Haafiz (Unplugged): Javed Ali


Let me tell you that this also showed Vidyut Jamwal’s recently released film Yara. In Yara, he played a classic criminal cum smuggler. In the film, actors like Amit Sadh and Vijay Verma also appeared with Vidyut. Yara film by Tigmanshu Dhulia is based on the story of the four friends. The work of Vidyut in this film has also been praised. After Yara and commando, the fans are going to see action once again. Now let’s see how much the film fans like it? Hotstar recently announced 7 major films. This is the second film out of this. After this, Sakad 2 will also be released later this month.

Image Credit: Khuda Haafiz/Disney +hotstar



Review screens Rating: 3.5/5

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